About Us

Good Health and Well-Being is committed to creating an enabling environment for healthy and quality living in Georgia to prevent and control non-communicable diseases through effective prevention policies, partnerships and programs.
We support the empowerment of patients, health professionals and people who are organized to build a strong NCD movement in Georgia and participate in collective advocacy, action and accountability globally for NCD prevention and control.

HSA aims to catalyze multisectoral action and develop an action plan to strengthen health and quality of life in Georgia by civil society organizations,
To increase the sustainable engagement of youth and people living with non-communicable diseases.

To achieve this goal, the organization intends to implement further activities
• Training and creating an environment to share experiences to advocate for evidence- based NCD policy and practice
• Collaboration, development of scientific evidence based on data collection and analysis, policy,
Implement advocacy and communication strategies to encourage our community to take action next
Priority areas:

1. Tobacco control;
2. Prevention of alcohol abuse;
3. promotion of food safety;
4. Proper nutrition and physical activity for NCD prevention;
5. Development and implementation of preventive policies for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, mental disorders and other non-communicable diseases promotion;
6. Development of healthy communities based on the recommendations developed by the World Health Organization
Promotion (i.e. we focus on encouraging environmental behaviour in people, reducing the
reducing the effect and promoting sustainable development). environmental pollution
7. Behavior change communication for preventing and controlling NCDs; Engaging people with non-communicable diseases in advocacy and policy development.
8. Involvement of people with non-communicable diseases in advocacy and policy development.